Pangea Tecnilogica


The biggest travel store in the world

In the first six months, the physical store received 50,000 visits, the website saw 10,000 unique users and, during that same period, 30% of all sales came through digital channels


The BNE Philarmonic Game

An 18th-century digital composer

If you were to generate one trillion minuets per second, it would take more than 4 billion years to generate all the possible musical pieces using this method

Podium Podcast

A unique podcast channel in Spanish

“There are three words describing our experience with Accenture Digital's Liquid Squad: satisfying, enriching and efficient” - María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, Podium Podcast


A channel to interact with the public

“It allowed us to replace the previous signage on paper, but also implies an innovation in the production of contents and the way we communicate them”- Judith Pi i Riubrugent, Communications Director at Palau

imagen olhom web tecnilogica


An e-commerce with style

"Since we have the new website, we have tripled invoicing, our conversion rate has increased by 30% and the average shopping cart has gone up 25%." - Esco Martín, Managing Director for