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Travel Cube

Weight sensors, Arduinos, leds... These are the new elements of the shopping experience.

The Tecnilógica Travel Cube project is part of a research context in the field of the Enchanted Objects. As a small-scale development, it fulfills the expected conditions of this type of objects: they are simple to handle, they respond to a single objective, the learning curve is minimal or almost nonexistent, etc. In short, they intuitively offer an immediate and useful benefit. Like any internal project, it is likely to scale to larger uses that respond to the market needs of companies.

As a clear example of an Internet of Things (IoT) device, the Tecnilógica Travel Cube is based on the effective and immediate fusion of the digital and physical worlds, and the Tecnilógica Travel Cube is a clear example. Using a simple factor such as the current temperature in a given city, we created a physical-digital purchase experience with endless possibilities.

Tecnilógica Travel Cube is an informative digital booth with a physical cube that changes colors in real time based on the current weather in a selected tourist destination. By stamping the passport resting on the cube, the user sees additional information about the city, including flight prices and tourist information.


Accenture Digital Conference 2016

We presented this IoT project at the annual Accenture Digital Conference #ADC3 in October 2016, an event that joins cutting-edge ideas for the digital transformation of businesses.

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