Playground Projects

Tortilla Bot

How could we be on time for the best tortilla in the neighbourhood? IoT was the solution.

Each morning at our office in Madrid, there is an important window of time that can decide the general success of the day: the time from when a fresh tortilla is ready at the café downstairs, until the last piece is served.

Going down for breakfast during that short period is essential, but we could never be sure what time the tortilla would be ready or how quickly it would disappear. It didn’t seem practical to ask the elderly café owners to send us a message each morning…so we decided to ask the tortilla.

How? We combined weight and pressure sensors, an Arduino circuit, a Twitter account, PHP, and Python to create the Tortilla Bot.


And the tortilla warned us by Twitter

When the chef placed a freshly cooked tortilla on the bartop, the Arduino circuit detected the change in data continuously sent from the weight and pressure sensors. When there was a sudden increase in weight, the Tortilla Bot’s Twitter account tweeted to let us know it was time for breakfast. And in case we were slow going downstairs, the Bot also tweeted each time a portion was served, and again when the final piece disappeared and we had to wait for a new tortilla.

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